Third Biennial of Illustration
Third Biennial of Illustration
Category: Physical Category Physical
  • México
  • 27 Years
  • Gender Female

Rosario Lucas

Un tigre crece en mi garganta

"I will die of this, of rusty waiting, of waiting dust. And a long time time after I have been dead, I know that my bones will still be upright, waiting: my bones will be like faithful dogs, extremely sad at the peak of abandonment.

And when I just die, when I inaugurate my death, my being in sudden erection will remain petrified in the form of an abandoned waiter, in the form of a causeless lover.

And here is what kills me, here is the form of my illness, the name of what bites me like a tiger suddenly grown in my throat, born of my destiny."

- Diaries, Alejandra Pizarnik.